It is a hard truth that career takes back seat when we become mothers. Being young mother is physically and mentally challenging.

When I became mother, it was all confusing. I was doing great in my job but wanted to take care of my child too. I tried different options:  loss of pay leaves, day care, leaving my son with grandparents, sabbatical, part-time jobs etc. Every time I  thought, I have it all, some new challenge would arise. Finally I realized I can’t have it all.

After leaving my full-time corporate job, I have tried lot of options, started 2 startups (running one now), wrote books, learnt new technologies, mastered new skills, volunteered in several organizations. Sometimes I do think, what I have is a blessing in disguise.  I could have never done all these in a regular job.

Mothers, who have left their jobs, please don’t regret. This is a great opportunity for you to start doing what you love. There are a lot of part-time/work from home options now. Most don’t find them because of wrong self-analysis and career mapping. Some mothers over-estimate their free time and some others think they are too busy. Mothers usually get more time once children grow up and re-visiting career choices may be painful by then.

Think and answer below questions. These are crucial to decide your career path.


In the next blog, I will write about some wonderful ‘work from home‘ jobs.


What do you think about below question?






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Chetana S

Chetana is an engineer, mother and founder of IKnowItMOM Pvt. Ltd. She is certified in psychology by Geogia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. She is also certified story teller by Kathalaya. Her unique ability to put herself in children shoes has made her popular among children. She believes right methods of teaching in early age can make huge difference in parenting.

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